Poem Rocket
psychogeography Online ordering
Atavistic LP
(October 2000)
The Universe Explained in Six Songs The Universe Explained in Six Songs
Magic Eye Singles CD-EP
(February 1999)
Infinite Retry on Parallel Time-out Infinite Retry on Parallel Time-out
PCP Entertainment CD
(April 1998)
Desire Illuminated/Electonimo "Desire Illuminated" b/w "Electronimo"
Magic Eye Singles 7"
(November 1997)
"The Path of Coterminous Crescendoes"
Ba Da Boom Gramophone #2 (Ba Da Bing)Compilation CD
(May 1997)
"Pretty Baby"
Bear Records Compilation CD Sampler
(September 1996)
Felix Culpa Felix Culpa-- a collection of previously released vinyl and compilation appearances with two exclusives: "Eject" and "St. Sebastion's Halo"
PCP Entertainment CD
(January 1996)
"Milky White Entropy"
PCP Entertainment Compilation CD, Generics
(October 1995)
Into the Aether Into the Aether EP
Bear Records/Carcrashh 10" EP
"Blue Chevy Impala", "Pretty Baby," "Contrail de l'Avion," plus two exclusive tracks -- "Furry Evil Bird" and "Flight Manual"
(September 1995)
"Begging to Please You" (exclusive track)
Bear Records Compilation CD
(August 1995)
"The Animal Planter"
Ba Da Bing Records Compilation CD, Follow the Bouncing Ball
(July 1995)
Small White Animal "Small White Animal" b/w "Milky White Entropy"
PCP Entertainment 7"
(April 1995)
"Deus Absconditus"
Silver Girl Records, Mon Ami, a Silver Girl Compilation
(February 1995)
Period/Flaw "Period (punctuation or the amount of time required for a cyclic movement to occur)" b/w "Flaw"
Bear Records 7"
(November 1994)